Newsletter – Feb 2014



A happy bunch of Rotarians

A happy bunch of Rotarians and their wives had an excellent night at Romford Dogs on the 5th. Your editor was, initially, unsure what to expect but we were all in the warm, served expertly by a knowledgeable tote manager and an understanding waitress. We did not have to leave our seats and had an excellent view of the proceedings. Well done, Dave, this could be an annual event, especially if I keep coming away with a profit! How about going to the races in the summer?


Jack Reynolds, a 17 year old from Southend High, spoke about his exploits in Borneo where he travelled with The World Challenge last summer. A confident young man, who hopes to study medicine at University next September, is a credit to his oft maligned age group. World Challenge expeditions are not holidays. Not for them cosseted hotels and unlimited alcohol. They work in schools with specific tasks and live in, sometimes, quite meagre accommodation. Teenagers return from these trips ‘grown up’ ready to tackle the world. I am sure that all those present agreed that this was a worthy donation and wish Jack all the very best for the future.

Footnote: It was a shame that our group was ‘fractured’ sitting in two distinct groups. Not an ideal situation for our speaker to see empty seats in front of him.


12th – Committees.
20th – Business
24th – Founders night at Saxon Hall (D.J’s)
27th – No meeting.

6th – Food Quiz at Darlinghurst School.
13th – Committees
20th – Business
27th – Ten Pin bowling.
29th – President’s Night.

NEW FACES FOR 2014 – 15

Following a well run business meeting (Dean is not just a pretty face!) our next Rotary year will have an exciting  new management team. I echo our secretary’s view that members should not shy away from taking a role in the running of the club. All past presidents have done the job whilst still at work and, with a good team behind them, really do not have much to do. The old adage ‘you only get out what you put in’ is very true but if you do not put much time in do not moan at those who do and are only trying to do their best! We have an ageing club and desperately need to attract new young members but if we continue to plod along regurgitating previous calendars, we will, like the Cheshire Cat, just fade away. Tom Hesketh will agree that we do not want to end up like Estuary.


Having just returned from a ‘Lochs and Glens’ holiday (which I would recommend to you all) perhaps you might know the English equivalents of :
crabbit, drookit, scunner and glakit?

May I also remind you of the Food Quiz’ which is only two weeks away and our President’s Night, which Dave Boyd is beginning to worry about, which is only 5 weeks away, just before we change the clocks for summer and celebrate Mothering Sunday!

May I also draw your attention to the following web site.

This would be an ideal vehicle to promote all our events, sell our club and even include a monthly copy of this tome! Thorpe Bay have only been around since 1991 and, whilst it might be a retrograde step appointing a past Westcliff president as their JVP, they have introduced 8 new members to their club in the last 4 years. They must be doing something right, or is it that we are becoming like the Cheshire Cat ? (again!) We have been visioning, let’s see if we can move forward from the experience and rise, like the phoenix from the ashes. Even my football team are experiencing a resurgence. As Andrew Carnegie once said, ‘ People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents’.